eQube Suite of eBingo Solutions are dedicated products
for charitable and community gaming operators.

eQube empowers operators to run bingo the way they want.

eQube have some of the most experienced bingo operations personnel in the world on staff to ensure we deliver what our customers want, not limited to what some technology suppliers may have. We focus on the four primary pillars of Bingo excellence with:


1. Customer Experience – Our suite of products allow operators to deliver an unrivalled eBingo experience, customisable to your specific needs.


2. Customer Service – A complete customer management and loyalty system will provide critical information about customers to operators allowing them to concentrate on policy and promotions, targeted to the needs
of their business.

3. Customer Environment – Elegant and aesthetically pleasing hardware and
sof tware will deliver a comfort and ease of use in your bingo environment to enhance the customer’s overall satisfaction in your facility.

4. Bingo Games, Variants and Xtra’s – Anyone can do bingo but not everyone can deliver sustainable bingo to keep customers coming back again and again! With the foundation of a fantastic experience, top class service and a comforting environment, the eQube solutions permit many variants of the game of bingo to operators so they can focus on delivering bingo they way they want to - classic bingo, digital bingo, variant bingo games and Xtra bingo content will keep customers fresh and engaged playing in their
local bingo hall.

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